As all women know, nail salons are a mecca for relaxation and ‘me time.’ It’s essential to find a nail salon that is hygienic, friendly and provides amazing service. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, Circle Spa is your new nail salon in Carrollton. Manicures and pedicures are definitely a girl’s best friend, but how do you take care of your nails out of the salon between appointments? Here are some nail care tips that every gal should know and practice!

1. Use Moisturizer

There is nothing worse than dry and cracked skin, especially on your hands and around your nails. Purchase a good moisturizer that you can rely on and carry with you day to day. TIP: Make sure you massage the lotion into your fingers and cuticles.

2. Research Natural Vitamins

Do your research and discover what natural vitamins and supplements can help build nail strength and revitalize. This is especially important if you frequently pamper yourself with gel, powder, or acrylic nails. Why? The removal process for these types of nails can be quite taxing on your natural nail; they need all the strength they can get!

3. Don’t bite your nails, pick at your cuticles, or pull of hangnails

It’s tempting y’all, we completely understand! Biting your nails, picking at your cuticles, or pulling off hangnails can damage your nail beds and tissue. TIP: Refrain from picking, biting, or pulling if you want to have the healthiest nails possible!

Treat yourself for a mani-pedi this week at Circle Spa at Trinity Valley. Call them today on (214) 483-3803!

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