No matter your age, there will always be something exciting about free candy and trick or treating with friends! Whether you are going trick or treating or your child, it’s always important to brush up on trick or treating safety before leaving the house. Here are our trick or treat safety tips for children and adults all ages!

Pre Trick or Treating

There are a few safety precautions that you need to consider before you even leave your house! The first is choosing your fun costume that will WOW the neighbors! When helping your child find their costume, or when you choose your costume, you need to consider how it will affect you, or your child, when trick or treating. Make sure your costume is not too dark and that there are some reflective aspects.

Another important precautionary tip is to plan out your trick or treating route before you start walking. This is to ensure that your child is always in familiar territory and can find their way home. A bonus of this is that if your child gets lost somehow, they will know exactly where to go next to find you.

While Trick or Treating

Halloween tends to bring crowds of people into the streets, which makes it easier for your child to get lost. Keeping an eye on them at all times is the easiest way to ensure that nothing happens to your child. Be sure to bring a flashlight to light up any dark paths you might encounter along the way. Always be cautious of strangers inviting your child into their home or talking to them for longer periods of time than would normally be acceptable. Never trust your child with a stranger no matter what.

When You Get Home 

Before you let your child have even one piece of candy, you need to inspect every piece to ensure that no one tampered with them in any way. Look for small holes in the wrappers, exposed pieces and suspicious looking candy. Any and all pieces of candy you are not 100% sure are safe should be thrown away immediately.

Trick or treating safety is the most important thing to consider this Halloween. If you follow all of these tips, you are set to have a fun and safe Halloween.

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